Freqently Asked Questions

Am I a good fit for Belo?

My ideal Airbnb host (or soon to be host) has a reliable cleaner and emergency contact we can leverage. This is because Belo offers 'remote' Airbnb property management. Don't worry! It's still full service and you won't hear from me. I coordinate with the cleaner, respond to all messages, do revenue management, continuously optimize the listing so it stays on page #1 of search, maintain the electronic guidebook, etc.

Why should I choose Belo: Airbnb Property Management?

I run a small, personalized operation. Every one of my Airbnb listings means a lot to me. That means you, the Airbnb host, and the guest gets personalized attention. I respond to every inquiry myself. You will have one point of contact, me.

How much will I earn?

It depends. I know 100% that you will earn more than you can by renting to a long-term tenant (fees included). I avoid estimates as I tend to be conservative (I'm not a salesman). I have greatly exceeded my expectations on every property I manage.

What is an Airbnb listing optimization?

An Airbnb listing optimization is the process - half science, half art - of continuously fine-tuning an Airbnb listing to systematically move it towards the top of Airbnb search. It's like SEO for Airbnb. 100% of Belo-managed properties are on page 1 of Airbnb search results. I also run which works with Airbnb hosts worldwide.

How are guests vetted?

This is how. After managing thousands of reservations, Belo has developed a system that examines the guest profile and message content to determine guest quality. This is in addition to requiring a verified ID and Airbnb's Trust + Safety department.

What happens if a guest causes damage or steals from my home?

Belo proactively advises hosts and takes steps to prevent damage and theft. In the unlikely event that damage or theft occurs, Belo works with the host to gather evidence and submit a claim through Airbnb’s Resolution Center. I am a former Airbnb employee and am well-versed in navigating this process. The host is expected to cover low-value damage and repair as a cost of doing business.

Can I cancel my contract at any time?


Why do you only list on Airbnb?

This is why. Belo has decided to focus on the market leader, Airbnb, instead of being 'just ok' on multiple vacation rental platforms. This results in high occupancy and nightly rates for all of my listings including during slow travel season.

How do I get started?

Email me as much of the following info as possible:

  • Do you plan to rent for more or less than 12 months?
  • Tell me about your property
  • Do you have a reliable cleaner and/or local emergency contact?
  • Send me photos (cell phone is fine) or a link to your online listing.

If we determine that I am not a good fit for you, often I can recommend someone who is.